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Cal Ripken batting helmet guideline for ALL League Teams and Travel Teams.  Effective Immediately, All Players are required to wear face protection consisting of the helmet cage or mask, or a helmet jaw/chin guard specific to the batters stance ( right hand batter..left hand batter)

**MCYB board approved

posted 6/6/2021

Heilman's MCYB Schedule

New Schedule 

Monday's   3-5pm 9's & up      5-6pm Mini Aces

Tuesday's 3-7pm 9's & up             

Wednesday's  3-7pm  9's & up

Thursday's 3-4pm Mini Aces      4-7pm 9's & up

Friday's 3-5pm 9's & up

Saturday & Sunday 9am-noon   Open House (no staff)

All other hours are available for team practices for the MCYB program & can reserve times with Pat Arntson (231)571-0902 


Magic City Youth Baseball and Heilman's Performance

Magic City Youth Baseball

Magic City Youth Baseball provides an advanced instructional and competitive baseball program for players ages 7-19. 

MCYB Athletes Take Advantage of Heilman's Performance Hitting Program

Steve Dangel

Magic City Youth Baseball

Phone: 701-833-7120